Airside Training Academy (ATA) is a distinctive venture between Tecknotrove – A simulator building company located out of Mumbai, India and Zaka Group – A pioneer in Travel and Aviation across India. Airside Training Academy provides specialized simulator based training in the most cost effective manner for drivers who operate equipment inside the airport and focused on Airside safety.

The current economic and business environment identifies skilled training to be a top priority yet a challenging one to meet. Airside Training Academy recognizes this as prerequisite and provides various learning solutions in real-time, economic and dynamic result oriented manner.

Airside Training Academy is strategically located with its headquarters in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Programs such as ramp safety, ground operating equipment support and airside driving skills and are offered and designed using blended learning techniques. These learning techniques are a combination of classroom, e-learning, simulators and on-the-job training.

Airside Training Academy evaluates and assesses individuals on these training programs. We have an after course follow up division where we review and offer annual customer support packages.

In a nutshell benefits of simulator based training:

  • Lower training cost
  • Reduces the risk involved with training on actual airside.
  • Reduced use of actual equipment’s for training.
  • Reduce maintenance.
  • Improved operational efficiency and cost.
  • Increase student retention.
  • Standardised training and assessment .
  • Continuous tracking and record keeping
  • Multi lingual teaching

The academy’s vision is to provide the aviation industry with trained employment which in turn would formulate and benefit the overall functioning of an organization in the most efficient and productive manner possible.