In response to industry demand for more accessible and operational training with lower training costs, Airside Training Academy (ATA) has developed range of training solutions that gives trainees an effective, integrated learning experience.

Airside Training Academy’s comprehensive training programs are built around a combination of classroom courses, simulators and scientific evaluation systems. With this technique, we provide trainees a combination of experienced based learning and classroom learning by Airside Training Academy trained instructors. The simulators offer real time interaction with virtual equipment using a high-fidelity simulation, thus ensuring that training is consistent with actual equipment functions.

Understand Customer Requirements & Provide Custom Solution


We understand that your success lies in getting the right solution for your problems. Our team understands the unique challenges faced by your organisations and designs a comprehensive training program specific to your needs. Airside Training Academy training programs are designed on blended learning methodology.

Trainee Assessment & Screening Process (TASP)


To ensure that your training investment is made on the right candidate, Airside Training Academy conducts a detailed screening for each trainee. TASP process includes objective assessment of clinical skills, which includes parameters like reaction test, judgement, colour blindness, aptitude, etc. A report is compiled from TASP, which highlights the most appropriate candidates for training and induction.

Classroom Training


The classroom training session will involve use of presentation, group discussions and one to one learning with the Airside Training Academy trained instructors.

Simulation Based Training


Airside Training Academy’s blended training programs are powered by advanced training simulators – the same technology that has been used successfully to train ground handling equipment operators in various airports across the world. The simulator technology offers an outstanding learning environment by establishing highly realistic training scenarios.

Evaluation & Assessment (measuring results)


Meaningful data capture, reporting and alignment with other organizational metrics is vital for the achievement of return on training investment. Hence we focus on our scientific and standardized assessments the most. After the training session, the student assessment system generates a detailed report on the trainee’s performance and highlights the areas that he has mastered or needs additional training.

After Course Follow Up


Periodic review and support delivered through our annual customer support package ensures these results through appropriate and timely senior management engagement.

Our approach helps us deliver high quality standardized training in a completely safe environment. These integrated methodologies can be customized to meet your training requirements. We convert your existing curriculum and operating manuals into a blended learning program. In addition we align these courses with our existing simulation based training modules that helps trainees in mastering their skills.

Trainees are assessed before they begin training. Training is then delivered based on the skills required by the group rather than delivering an off the shelf course. A detailed analysis with a report is submitted with a suggestion on continued course of action.