Airside Training Academy (ATA) uses the most up to date technology to bring its audiences training in the most cost effective, easy, safe and fun to learn manner.

Training Simulators

Airside Training Academy uses one of the worlds most advanced airside training simulator for delivering it’s training programs. TecknoSIM airside simulators are used extensively by few of the busiest airports for operator training and issuing of Airport driving permits (ADP).

TecknoSIM simulators are replicas of actual equipment. The driving station where the operator sit, is based on original equipment console with real dashboard and operational switches, joysticks and controls. The simulator is equipped with a motion platform that gives a realistic motion feel to the trainee.

The realistic vehicle dynamics provide a highly realistic training experience. Visuals of an actual airport model is displayed through a high definition projection system, providing seamless 180 degree seamless and immersive display. The airport model includes airside features like apron, taxiway, runway, service roads, road signs, markings, lights as in a real airport. The pre-designed training modules inbuilt into the simulator allows each trainee to learn and practice on critical operations , at their own pace , under complete safety. The simulator is controlled by an instructor station that allows the instructor to set training scenarios, monitor trainee progress and manage the trainee database. This helps in developing the operational skills and efficiency of the trainee in a standardized format.


Clinical Testing Station

TecknoSim Clinical testing station is fully computerized and one of the best assessment tools used worldwide which uses realistic hands on driving ability as its criterion measure. TecknoSIM Clinical Test helps us to measure the successful interaction of cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, judgment, decision‐making and anticipation of hazardous situations, like they are needed for operating safely on an airside.


E-learning Modules

Our e-learning modules deliver theory training in an interactive format. The modules are delivered in form of presentations, instructor lessons, demonstrations, quizzes and simulation games. The e-learning modules prepare trainees with essential knowledge on airside operations skills, knowledge and attitude to complete their work safely.